Keystone bank USSD transfer code

In this series, we shall be looking at how to transfer funds, recharge airtime, and pay bills using the Keystone bank USSD transfer code. Surprisingly, the code is *7111#

In recent times, Keystone bank introduced the USSD transfer code in order to make transactions easy and convenient right on your mobile devices. However, you did not need the internet to perform any transaction. It works on all varieties of phones including the widely Nigerian-known Nokia torch phones and others. Therefore, in order to transact, you need to activate your transfer USSD code.

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  • Transfer money from Keystone to Keystone bank (Intra bank money transfer)
  • Transfer from Keystone bank to another bank (Interbank money transfer )
Polaris bank transfer USSD code

How to activate your Keystone bank USSD transfer code

Furthermore, in order to activate your Keystone bank USSD transfer code, please follow the instructions below;

1, first dial *7111# on your phone number registered with Keystone bank,

2, After dialing the code, Clock on the “Register option” menu

3, Enter your Keystone account number to continue the activation process,

4, Input your year of birth,

5, After that, create your PIN and submit it,

6, Finally, you have set up your Keystone bank activation code.

How to transfer funds using the Keystone bank USSD code

Interestingly, in order to transfer funds in Keystone bank to Keystone bank, it is easy, safe, and reliable. So, follow the instructions below

Keystone to keystone bank

  • Dial *7111*Amount*Account number#. E,g. *7111*5000*1234567890#
  • Later you will enter your secret PIN

Transfer from Keystone bank to other banks

  • First, dial *7111*Amount*Account number# from your Keystone alert line. E.g *833*500*00123456789#
  • You will select your beneficiary bank and your Secret PIN
  • You have made a transfer

How To check your bank account balance

In order to check your account balance in the bank, follow the steps as follows;

  • First, dial *7111*1# from your Keystone bank alert line.
  • Follow the prompts to enter your account number.
  • Finally, enter your PIN.
  • Note; please there is an N10 charge to check your balance.

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In summary

we hope that this article has been able to explain some things you wish to know about this USSD transfer service and has clarified any doubts you may have about day-to-day mobile banking.

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