UBA Bank Transfer USSD Code

In this series, we shall look at the UBA bank transfer USSD code, and how to send money using the UBA Magic Banking Service.

UBA in recent times introduced the USSD transfer code in order to enable bank customers to make transactions or transfers using transfer codes on their mobile devices like phones. Surprisingly, the code is *919#. In order to start transactions, you need to activate your UBA Magic banking service.

After that, you should be able to perform the following transactions:

  • Transfer money from UBA account to UBA account (intrabank money transfer)
  • Transfer money from the UBA account to other Banks (interbank money transfer)
UBA Bank logo
UBA Bank logo

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How do I activate my USSD code?

In order to activate your transfer code, follow the instructions below

  • Firstly, dial *919# on your phone.
  • A message will be sent to your phone
  • Now, select the 1 option to activate the code
  • Choose options to register with a NUBAN account number or UBA prepaid
  • Then select prepaid with a PIN if you are a prepaid user.
  • If not, go with the account number with the PIN option
  • Fill in 10 digit account number
  • Lastly, create your PIN with the help of your ATM option.

Summary of UBA mobile banking Code

TransactionMagic Banking Code
check balance*919*00#
Top-up for self*919*00#
Top-up for others*919*phone number*amount#
Transfer to a UBA account*919*3*account number*amount
Load UBA prepaid card*919*32#
Transfer to other banks*919*4*account*amount#
Pay bills*919*5#
ATM cardless withdrawal*919*30*amount#
UBA banking code

Importance of USSD transfer code.

This transaction is important because account holders can transfer funds from one account to another without stress and without downloading UBA mobile payment app or connecting to the internet. Therefore, the internet is not required to perform transactions. Transfers can only be done using the phone number registered to the user’s UBA account. However, This is done where there is mobile network coverage like Mtn, Glo, Airtel, etc.

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What is the Daily Maximum USSD UBA bank Code?

The maximum daily UBA USSD code is N150,000

However, you will need to shell out a service fee of N7.00 for every transaction which is standard across most banks.

Can I Initiate a Transfer From MY Naira Account To My Dollar Account Or Dollar To My Naira Account?

The answer is simply NO. You cannot transfer funds from a dollar to a naira account or vice versa because both accounts are in different currencies. However, you can convert funds in your dollar account to naira and have this paid into your naira account at the official exchange rate by visiting any UBA branch nationwide.

Is This Service Available Outside Nigeria (Overseas)

The answer is simply YES If you have an active roaming network.

UBA Customer care,

For inquiries or complaints, simply call 07002255822 or 016319822

UBA USSD account limitations.

Transfers are not allowed on all UBA bank accounts. However, mobile USSD transfers are exempted on corporate accounts, joint accounts, Target accounts, SKS accounts, Max advance, as well as Domiciliary accounts.


we hope that this article has been able to explain some things you wish to know about USSD transfers and has clarified any doubts you may have about transactions.

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