FCMB bank customer care, phone number, email, and social media platforms

Are you looking for FCMB bank customer care, phone number, email, and social media platforms? interestingly, you will get all the details right here.

Significantly, First City Monument bank is one of the major commercial banks in Nigeria. Fortunately, It has gained a reputation as one of Nigeria’s trusted banks. So, it has won several merit awards and has millions of customers. However, it was founded on 20th April 1982. It has over 3000 employees, over 2 million customers as well as 278 branches across the world. Therefore, there are numerous contact details.

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FCMB bank corporate head office address

Primerose Tower, 17A, Tinubu Street, Marina Lagos.

Contact phone numbers

FCMB Customers Care: Phone Number, Email, Social Media
FCMB bank customer care

012793030, 012798800, 07003290000

Whatsapp Number

+234 09099999814 or 234 09099999815, Notably, these are the official FCMB bank Whatsapp numbers only in Nigeria. They are available to FCMB bank Nigerian customers. However, customers who want to access services from their bank account on WhatsApp must add this number to their contact list.


[email protected]



FCMB bank customer care, phone number, email and social media platforms
FCMB bank facebook


Twitter: HTTPS://twitter.com/MyFCMB

FCMB bank twitter



Benefits of FCMB bank customer care

The bank customer care helps you to solve several banking issues. These issues are

  • Bill payment
  • Funds transfer
  • Dispense error
  • Statement of account
  • Account reactivation
  • Online banking inquiries
  • Blocking of ATM card
  • Point of contact from Nigerians living overseas
  • Dormant account activation
  • Account opening

Importantly, feel free to approach any customer care agent in any branch. When you are unable to visit any of the branches, you should contact them through their customer care lines. However, make sure that you use any available social media platforms. This is because you can easily reach them from anywhere, especially in Nigeria.

Moreover, FCMB bank is social media friendly and has numerous channels to reach out to them. This is because of Globalization and the need to meet the taste of customers. For instance, you may not need to visit any FCMB bank branch to solve your problems. The website of the bank may just have all you need.

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