Zenith bank transfer USSD code

In this series, I shall be unveiling to you the Zenith bank transfer USSD code known as eazy banking and how to send money using the USSD code

Zenith bank in recent times introduced the Zenith bank transfer USSD code service known as Eazy Banking. The code is *966# and with this code, customers can transfer funds to another Zenith bank account or to a beneficiary in another bank. However, this is to enhance easy banking transactions. Therefore, before you initiate any transfer, you need to register and activate your number for EasyBanking, thereby activating your transfer code

1, Transfer money from Zenith bank to Zenith (intrabank money transfer)

2, Transfer money from Zenith Bank to other banks (interbank money transfer)

The term USSD means unstructured supplementary service and it is a code used to relay information to the service provider’s computer.

NOTE, In addition, Zenith bank transfer USSD code service known as Eazy Banking is not allowed on all Zenith bank accounts. Therefore it is exempted on corporate accounts, joint accounts, Target accounts, SKS accounts, Max advance, and domiciliary accounts.

How to register or activate your USSD code

  • Simply dial *966*00# with the registered account phone number.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your Debit (ATM) Card number
  • The next page will display your account name and you will create a 4-digit PIN
  • Confirm the 4-digit pin
  • You will receive a message “Retrieving your balance “
  • Lastly, you will receive an SMS with the balance of your account.
Zenith bank transfer USSD code.

Zenith Eazy Banking USSD transfer code

  • To buy airtime, Self-top up *966*amount#
  • Recharge airtime for others. *966*amount*number#
  • Zenith bank account balance *966*00#
  • Zenith bank transfer money code *966*amount*account number#

Account control code for Zenith USSD transfer

For you to stop any unauthorized transfer and protect the account of customers because of the activities of fraudsters on our mobile phone, ATM, and other debit transactions, dial *966*911#. This is from the phone that you use to receive alerts from your bank and make sure you follow the instructions.

Therefore, you will remove such restriction once the account holder visits any Zenith bank branch in person. This Is a way of enhancing account security.

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Does the USSD transfer service need internet to function?

The answer is simply NO. This is because you do not need the internet to perform transactions in either Zenith bank or other banks. Nevertheless, you can only do transfers using the mobile number that is registered to the owner of the Zenith account. Therefore, you can do this where there is the following network – Mtn, 9mobile, Glo, Airtel, etc.

Benefits of USSD code service

  • Zenith bank accounts are open anywhere.
  • A minimum opening balance is not required to open a new account via USSD
  • It saves you the stress of queuing in the bank
  • Available 24 hours of the day

Can I initiate a transfer from my naira account to my dollar account or dollar account to my naira account?

No, you cannot transfer funds from a dollar account to a naira account or vice versa. This is because both accounts are in different currencies. However, you can convert funds to naira and have this paid into your naira account at the official exchange rate by visiting any zenith branch nationwide.

How long does the Zenith EasyBanking USSD transfer service session last?

Normally, a service session last about 2 minutes and times out if there is inactivity. However, you have to conclude every transaction within 2 minutes.

Who is the owner of Zenith Bank of Nigeria?

The owner of Zenith bank is Dr. Jim Ovia. He founded the bank and remains the highest shareholder. The head office is located at plot 84, Ajose Ageogun Street, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria. Zenith bank plc has over 500 branches and business offices in prime commercial centers in all states of the federation.

We hope that this article has been able to explain some things you wish to know about this USSD transfer service as well as clarify any doubts you may have about banking transactions.

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