How to block your First bank account

Do you want to know how to block your First bank account? Have you lost interest in that bank account? Never worry because all the details you need are right here.

This article will show you numerous options to block your First bank account in Nigeria right on your mobile phone without visiting the branch. If you block your account, you will have no access to such an account. however, when you block your account, it does not mean that the account is closed forever. You can decide to unblock it whenever you wish and it should not be too long.

To unblock the account, the account owner needs to visit any of the First bank branches with relevant details to have the account back to life.

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How to block your First bank account

There are few available alternatives to blocking your account

Block with USSD code

This is a very fast and convenient way of blocking your account.

  • Dial *894*911#
  • Make sure you follow the guideline and enter your phone number
  • Input your phone number that is in your account and your USSD PIN and SEND
  • you have successfully blocked your account. This means that your account will be restricted from transfers and all debit transactions

Block via SMS

Send “BLOCK” to 30012

Use First bank email

Email: [email protected]

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Contact First bank customer care line

+234 1 9052326 +234 7080625000

Can I later unblock my account?

The answer is YES. You can do this by visiting any First bank branch. Make sure you meet or consult a customer care agent in person with your correct account details. However, the bank will activate your account within 24 hours.

Blocking your account is not going to cause complications or harm to other accounts you have. However, it is a way of enhancing or securing your account from unauthorized debit and manipulations especially if there is suspicion. However, if your account details fall into the hands of scammers, there is a need to quickly act fast.

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What will I do with the ATM card?

After blocking your account, make sure you report later to your nearest bank branch. Therefore, the ATM card is useless and can not carry out easy and convenient banking transactions. Therefore, it is important to apply for a new ATM card as soon as you open another account

Important facts about ATM card

  • Please ensure you unlink or disconnect your lost ATM card from all your banking systems. You can contact customer care for assistance.
  • The cost of an ATM card is less than N2000 in Nigeria. Therefore, it is not expensive.
  • Avoid patronizing numerous POS machines or agents. This is to minimize exposure to your debit card. Try to maintain a few trusted ATM points.
  • Avoid moving unnecessary movement with your debit card. You must not always go to the marketplaces, clubs, schools, hospitals, etc with your debit card. However, ensure you study your organize yourself.

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I hope you have learned how to block your account.

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