How to resolve debit issues in Firstbank

Introduction to how to resolve debit issues in Firstbank

In this series, we shall be looking at how to resolve debit issues in Firstbank. do you have debit issues and want to resolve it? Never worry because there are options available for you to choose from so as to quickly resolve debit issues in the bank.

Moreover, due to globalization and its impact, many Nigerians have embraced technology in their financial transactions. Such technological methods include money transfers, mobile banking, and ATMs. Therefore, every financial transaction must be with care hence electronic transfers have become a source of heartache for many.

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Furthermore, the CBN which is the apex bank has given directives to banks to resolve failed debit transactions. This includes the instant reversal of 24 hours of failed ATM transactions, especially from their own banks. Again, there should be 48 hours reversal when customers withdraw from other banks.

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Causes of debit issues in Firstbank.

Below are a few causes of failed or unauthorized debits;

  • Network disruptions
  • Technology glitches.
  • Fraudulent activities.

NOTE; declined transactions are high during peak transactions and festive seasons.

How To Resolve Debit issues in Firstbank.

Whenever you receive a debit, threat, or suspicious phone call, text message, or email, quickly report it to your nearest Firstbank branch. This measure is to safeguard your account from unauthorized debit. Remember that you can not resolve any account issues fully right from the comfort of your home. However, below are a few steps to fully ratify any issues in your account.

  • Visit any Firstbank branch to file an unauthorized transaction dispute form.
  • FirstBank Nigeria Customer care: SMS line, 30012.
  • FirstBank Nigeria Complaints Number, +234 7080625000, +234 1 448 5500.
  • WhatsApp line, 08124444000. Ensure that your WhatsApp number is the same number registered with the bank.
  • [email protected].
  • Social media platforms. Twitter@first

NOTE; Firstbank will never request or ask for your full card PAN, PIN, OTB Password, or BVN. Therefore, whenever you receive any such from even an official, quickly report to your nearest Firstbank nearest branch.

How to resolve debit issues

About First Bank

However, First bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria. It started its operations in 1894 as the Bank of British West Africa. Consequently, it was branded as First Bank of Nigeria in 1979. It has its headquarters at 38 marina street, Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria.

In Summary of how to resolve debit issues in First bank.

Importantly, account holders should be careful with their accounts and report issues promptly. Unfortunately, most issues may not be resolved right from the comfort of your home. So, the earlier you take action by visiting to lay a complaint, the better it becomes.

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