How to block your Union bank ATM card

Do you want to know how to block your Union bank ATM card? Have you lost your debit card? Never worry because all the details you need are right here.

This article will show you the code to block your Union bank ATM card in Nigeria right on your mobile phone without visiting the branch. So many people in Nigeria have become a victim of theft, tensions due to an uneasy environment, and criminal activities. However, Criminal elements as well as yahoo yahoo fraudsters target ATMs and USSD transfer PIN. This is to hack and manipulate people’s accounts to enrich themselves.

These issues are contemporary hence, account holders must be careful and smart. So, the good news is that you can actually block that very ATM and secure your account. This is less than 20 seconds if you act fast.

How to block your Union bank ATM card
How to block your Union bank ATM card

How to block your Union Bank ATM card

There are available alternatives to blocking your ATM card. Below are the ways to do so, This is for those who lost their Bank Debit Card

Block with SMS

  1. Dial Block (4 digits of your card) to 9223008486. E.g. send” Block 6066 to 9223008486.
  2. Thereafter, you will receive a notification that your ATM or debit card has been blocked.
  3. Send a text “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123

Block with Union bank mobile app

  • First, turn on your internet connection
  • log into your Union mobile account
  • Click on “self-service”
  • Select your ATM card type
  • Input your security PIN
  • A token will be sent to you immediately, type in and resend.
  • EMAIL,[email protected]

USSD code

Dial *826*21# and follow the instructions carefully. This code allows you to deactivate your number linked to your Union bank account. The code is easy and convenient and can take place right from your home. However, if you were unable to block your account using your phone due to network issues, call the following customer care numbers below.

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Customer Care line

+234 1 2716816, 07007007000

Can I later unblock my account?

The answer is YES. You can do this by visiting any Union bank branch. Make sure you meet or consult a customer care agent with the correct account details. However, the bank will activate your account within 24 hours.

Blocking your ATM is not going to cause complications or harm to your account. However, it is a way of enhancing or securing your account from unauthorized debit and manipulations. However, if your account details fall into the hands of scammers, there is a need to quickly act fast.

I hope you know what to do when you lose your ATM card. Make sure you act very fast to avoid other stories that touch the heart. In case you have a comment, please make a comment below

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