how to buy data from sterling bank

Do you want to know how to buy data from Sterling bank? Do you need a code to buy data from your account through your phone? Never mind because you will get all the details right here.

Significantly, Polaris bank is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria. However, the headquarters is in Lagos state Nigeria. Fortunately, It has gained a reputation as one of Nigeria’s trusted banks. The bank was established on 25th November 1960, spreading to many African countries and beyond. Interestingly, it has won several merit awards and has millions of customers across Nigeria. It has 141 business offices, branches, 654 ATMs as at 2021, and other digital channels. Therefore, there are numerous contact details.

Requirements to buy data

  • First, have a bank account to qualify you for any transaction
  • Provide or have a working mobile number such as MTN, Glo, Airtel, or Etisalat.
  • Link your Debit card to your account.
  • Lastly, ensure you have an activated USSD code

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Sterling bank contact phone number

0700 822 0000

 How to buy data from Sterling bank bank

How to buy data from Sterling bank

To buy from your registered line

  • It is possible to buy airtime and convert it to data. However, you can buy data directly by dialing *822#. You will see a list of options.
  • Follow the list of options for Data.
  • Therefore, follow the process and make sure you provide the necessary banking details. Please make sure that your line is registered with the bank. Secondly, ensure you activate your USSD transfer code or click on the next Read also article to show you how to activate your Sterling bank USSD code.

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Buying data from the bank saves time and is convenient. However, globalization is having an impact on all sectors including the banking sector. one does not need internet connectivity to perform transactions hence it is free and fair. It works on android, apple, and java operating systems.

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To buy from Sterling Mobile App

Download or go to the App store on your mobile device

Download the mobile app

Exit if the installation is complete

Click on the sterling icon on your device to launch the app

Click on the menu, and select Airtime and Data

Remember to press on buy data

Choose the account to buy from

Select network and data plan

Enter the phone number

Make sure you have a banking PIN to ensure smooth access

Benefits of customer care service

Bank customer care service helps you to solve several banking issues. These issues are

  • Bill payment
  • Funds transfer
  • Dispense error
  • Statement of account
  • Account reactivation
  • Online banking inquiries
  • Blocking of ATM card
  • Point of contact from Nigerians living overseas
  • Dormant account activation
  • Account opening

Importantly, feel free to approach any customer care agent in any branch. when you cannot visit any of the branches, you should contact them through their customer care lines. However, make sure that you use any available social media platforms. This is because you can easily reach them anywhere, especially in Nigeria.

Moreover, Sterling bank is social media friendly and has numerous channels to reach out to them. This is because of Globalization and the need to meet the taste of customers. For instance, you may not need to visit any of the bank branches to solve any problems that may arise. The website of the bank may just have all you need to gather reliable information so as to rectify any issue

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