How to pay electricity bill through Wema bank

Do you want to know how to pay electricity bill through Wema bank? Are you looking for a platform to pay nepa bills from your phone? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Wema bank is a trusted financial institution in Nigeria licensed by the central bank of Nigeria. However, electricity bill payment through the mentioned bank using the USSD code is now easy. The impact of globalization has left a blueprint across the world and has improved effectiveness in the banking sector. No wonder, people are no longer queuing up to pay their bills, especially the electricity bill. When bills are not paid, it systematically calls for disconnections from the company or NEPA agents who never listen to pleas.

However, there are different platforms or channels to pay bills.

How to pay electricity (nepa) bill through Wema bank

Make your payment using the USSD code, Dial *945# follow the different bill options

Download the Wema bank mobile app from the play store or IOS

  • Dial *945*24#
  • Click on pay bills
  • Select the category you would like to pay
  • Select the “Account number” to debit for the transaction
  • Input your meter number and amount
  • Input your PIN and click submit

If the code did not work, then you must activate the USSD code in the read also next and try again

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How to pay electricity (nepa) bill through Wema bank

Another alternative

Visit any company branch with your electricity bill slip and make your payment.

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Benefits of paying your bills through the USSD code

Here are the benefits of bill payment using the USSD code

  • It is fast and hitch-free.
  • Bills can be performed at any time, and at any day.
  • No need for payment for transportation.
  • It is reliable and peaceful.

In summary,

Make sure you activate your USSD code to enable you to make the payment. Remember, the code is *945*24#

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