How to resolve failed transactions in Access bank

Do you want to know how to resolve failed transactions in Access bank? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here I’m going to show you reversal methods in Access bank

The issues of failed transactions and money is deducted and the stress that customers go through have become a source of concern in society. However, Access bank has introduced innovative ways to resolve failed transactions. Due to this, it is better to follow up on any failed transactions in order to resolve them quickly to avoid delay.

Why do most transactions fail?

Below are the reasons for failed transactions.

1 Network disruption,

2 Technology glitches,

3 Fraud.

Note, Access bank agents hardly request or ask for your full card PAN, PIN, OTP, BVN, or Password in order to verify or ratify any bank issue outside the bank

Many Nigerians have embraced technology in their financial transaction. Such as money transfers, mobile banking, and ATMs. Therefore, monetary transactions should be performed with care hence electronic transactions have become a source of heartache to many.

Interestingly, the CBN which is the apex bank has given directives to all banks. Such a directive is to ensure that banks resolve failed transactions. This includes the instant reversal of 24 hours of failed ATM transactions, especially from their own banks. Again, there should be 48 reversals when customers withdraw from other banks.

How long does it take to resolve any failed transaction

It takes one to seven business days to resolve any issue and ensure your money gets back to you. The customer should not hesitate to inform the bank

How to resolve failed transactions in Access bank

How to resolve failed Access bank transactions

  • To enable your funds to be reversed, ensure you contact the Access bank 24-hour customer service helpline with the following numbers 09090901901, 07003000000
  • Visit any of the Access bank branches closer to you in order to lay your complaints
  • Contacting the OMBUDSMAN if your request is not seriously handled

Summary of how to resolve failed transactions in Access bank

  • First, if you are using the Access bank USSD code, dial *901*911#. Follow the instructions to deactivate your USSD profile.
  • You can contact Access bank via Email; at contact [email protected].
  • Contact via WhatsApp-09090901901.
  • Presently, you can telephone, 07003000000 or 01-2892500-7
  • [email protected]
  • You can reach out to them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Finally, you can reach out to them at any nearest Access bank branch close to you.

In order to resolve failed or declined transactions, promptly report any issues in your banking activities. However, most issues may not be resolved in the comfort of your home. Therefore, the earlier you tackle failed transactions, the better they become.

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